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This little old blog is my own content. The pictures, unless otherwise specified are my own (obviously, or they would be way more awesome) and the all posts are my own language and opinions. All products shared are bought with my own money (although if anyone wants to throw some free stuff my way to review, I’m happy to update my policies) and all opinions are very much my own. Travel is a wonderfully individual experience, so I cannot guarantee that following my advice or recommendations will be error-proof. Follow it at your own risk!

I’m currently exploring the world of affiliate links. I spend a significant amount of time researching products before I buy them. My experience is certainly not the last word, but I am also happy to share the results of the time I have spent finding what I consider to be the best products for travel. For the moment, I am using Amazon (who require the following language: Cora Platt, owner of The Wandering Mind, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking the wandering mind.net to amazon.com). Assume that all links to products on Amazon are affiliate links. Currently, links to other sites are not. This policy will be updated if this changes.

All giveaways are currently unsponsored. In other words, they are items I purchase while traveling as a fun way to share the joy I find in travel with the lovely people who read my blog.

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