I Love Arkansas: The Giveaway

Update: The winner of this giveaway is Lucy Gaddy. 

Last week, I was browsing the cute shop attached to an ice cream parlor in Little Rock where I had just enjoyed a delicious ice cream cone with my cousin and her family (more to come on what they dubbed “The Day with the Crazies…”). The problem was I really wanted to buy something. That was a problem because I hardly needed one more thing to pack up and move to Oregon. So, I decided to host my first ever blog giveaway! I got to buy something fun, but without having to keep it.

The giveaway includes a handmade soap and a chapstick. Both are all natural and made in my very own home state of Arkansas. As I prepare to move to Oregon, I know I will miss being close to “home.” There are so many things that I love about the state where I grew up. To enter to win, leave a comment on this post telling me where home is for you and/or what you love about it! Entries will be accepted through midnight central time on Saturday August 16 and a winner will (probably) be announced on Sunday August 17. Good luck!

6 thoughts on “I Love Arkansas: The Giveaway”

  1. Home for me is definitely The Natural State, Arkansas. I have moved away twice and still end up here.

    They alway say “home is where the heart is” and I never felt as content being anywhere else except here. My friends and family are here, but most importantly, my home church is here and that helps encourage me to always be a better person.

    Aside from beings, its so naturally beautiful. I take the scenery for granted often, but am trying more to enjoy it. Our house is out a ways but it’s surrounded with God’s creation.

  2. Home to me is the Paragould/Jonesboro area of Arkansas. I love that it’s small enough to run into people you know while you’re out and about, but it’s growing enough to become a fun place to shop, eat, and have fun 🙂
    P.s. I enjoy your blog- not just for the contest 🙂

  3. Home for me is …. lots of places. When I was younger…Arkansas and even a few years in TN… some of the greatest people I’ve known come from these “homes”. These people made me the person I am today and still strive to be daily. These people are still residing in these homes and I cherish the moments when I get to go home and see them.

    Now… home is Mossouri. My husband and 2 kids have taught me that home is more than a dwelling… it is the people who laugh at your silliness no matter what and encourage you even when you least expect it (and need it the most).
    So at this point in my life hone is where ever my sweet little family of 4 is!

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