Travel Planning Services


Hi friends! As is probably apparent, I love to plan travel!! I love it so much that sometimes I even plan trips I’m not even going to take. So I thought, why not put my planning skills to use for others? I am NOT a travel agent. In other words, I am not responsible for booking any of the provided suggestions. Rather, I am doing the legwork to research potential options, narrowing down the vast array of information on the internet to a few, more manageable options tailored just for you. Want a romantic weekend getaway, but aren’t sure where to go? Thinking of taking the family somewhere fun for the summer, but have no idea where to stay or what to do? Then I’m your gal! With a little information about your budget and interests, I will provide you with an itinerary with hotel accommodations, transportation, and suggested restaurants and activities.  You will not have to spend the hours it can take to research the information you need to plan the perfect trip. I will do all of that work for you. From there, it is up to you to book and enjoy a fantastic vacation!

I am currently offering the following travel planning services, but hope to be able to expand this in the future.

Long-weekend itinerary: For $30 (and a little information about you) I will provide you with a 3- or 4-day customized itinerary featuring suggestions of places to travel, along with options for accommodations, transportation, restaurants, and activities that fit with your budget and interests. If you aren’t sure where you want to go, I can create additional suggested itineraries for a small additional charge.

Week-long itinerary: Beginning at $40, I will do the same as above, but for a week-long trip, obviously!

I can do other customized itineraries, as well (for instance, I recently put together a 2-week Yellowstone Road Trip itinerary), so please let me know what you have in mind.

To request your own, unique vacation research – or just for additional information – please contact me at